SPRING-SUMMER 2018: Exhibitions & Performances

April 21- Sep 9
untill May 21
Cassils closes Wiener Festwochen festival in Viennia, Austria with a Performance of Becoming An Image
 Friday June 15th, 10 pm
Cassils gives a lecture on their work and screens films as part of Wiener Festwochen at the MUMOK (Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien)
June 13th, 2018- 7PM

I envision my body as a meeting point, a node, where external lines of force and social determination thicken into meat and circulate as movement back into the world. So much that constitutes me I did not choose, but, now constituted, I feel myself in a place of agency. SUSAN STRYKER

Vital signs are important indications of the status of the body’s life-sustaining functions. Vital Signs is also a series of live performances and artist talks spread over the academic year at Stanford University. Focusing on elements of performativity, each quarter will pair artists from different generations. Assessing urgency, these artists will offer a broad approach for triaging the social body. With the use of different formal and conceptual strategies, measurements can be taken and assessments made, giving us clues to diseases and possible progress toward recovery. The series aims to highlight and showcase underrepresented performance forms such as experimental performance art, durational art, and body art.
 Curated by Cassils