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  Read an interview/ review:Huffington post with artist Kris Grey and performance scholar Julia Steinmetz on Inextinguishable Fire.Creative Capital by Alex Teplitz. Cassils Takes On Fire and ClayArt F city by Paddy…


Advertisement: Homage to Benglis is being used as key art for the historical survey show of queer sexuality at the German Historical Museum in Berlin. Opening this summer.

Trans.ient Exhbition

Trans.ient will be opening November 20th, 2014 in conjunction with Transgender Awareness Month in West Hollywood, CA. Thursday, November 20th : 6 – 11pm : Opening reception (Transgender Day of Rememberance),…

My First Billboard on Sunset Strip

The Trans.ient Exhibition runs from Nov. 20-24th. Check out this billboard for the exhibition on Sunset blvd. To find out more about the exhibit visit: