Cassils lectures at art museums, universities and college across the globe.

In their speaking engagements Cassils projects a combination of strength and vulnerability. Intersecting art with LGBTQI rights and anti racist practices, Cassils delivers an animated reflection on the imaginative power of visual art as a tool for social change.

Imparting an empowering message about personal responsibility, Cassils lectures on art evoke empathy and its failures, moving audiences towards respect and appreciation of all individuals while advocating for positive change.

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Stanford University, The Body as Social Sculpture

Stanford University, VITAL SIGNS: Sweat Paintings

Cassils Studio, Stanford University Theater and Performance Studies, and the Stanford University Art & Art History Department are pleased to present SWEAT PAINTINGS as a part of the Vital Signs Performance Series and Social Sculpture Course. SWEAT PAINTINGS, a live performance and collaboration between Cassils, martial arts consultant Melissa Wyman and Stanford students Ash Ngu, Free Tripp, Meg McNulty, Tori Parrish and Vivienne Le, combines kinesiology, martial arts, and sports science to reinterpret Yves Klein’s Anthropometries paintings.

Syracuse University, Becoming A Sculpture

“The #BecomingASculpture tumblr is a live document of the becoming of the ARI 300/600 Atelier: Cassils Fall 2016 Course at Syracuse University. It features the work of Fall 2016 Syracuse University Alpert Fellow and internationally renowned artist, Cassils. Within the context of this course, students participate in the creation of Cassils’ The Resilience of the 20% cast bronze sculpture from the Monument Project; as well as create their own work in response to texts, experiences, and prompts. The Resilience of the 20% will be exhibited as part of Cassils’ exhibition at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts opening in November 2016. This tumblr will feature a variety of voices and content from our class.”

York University, Labour Intensive

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Cassils Presents “The Resilience of the 20%” at the 2015 Creative Capital Retreat

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